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Dream Stealer V2 1/2?

2011-05-31 18:54:25 by davidx955

I Re edited my second dream stealer song dream stealer v2,

check it out :D /413131

Dream Stealer V2 1/2?

Fixed My Dream Stealer Song!

2011-04-01 21:28:10 by davidx955

yo i fixed my dream stealer song so check it out it doesnt have that annoying dream stealer as much so listen to it :D

Favorite Music Genre?

2010-02-07 18:41:53 by davidx955

Mine is Screamo, Punk, And Techno....... Wat About U?

Favorite Anime?

2010-02-06 19:40:19 by davidx955

Mine Has To Be Death Note And Bleach...... wats Urs?

Final Fantasy XIII

2010-01-31 03:53:59 by davidx955

It's Gonna Be Awesome!